Greg meyer, m.a.

Licensed psychologist



Individual • Group • Couple


Anxiety and Depression • Chemical Dependency • Anger Management


Career / Job Change • Divorce • Retirement • Creating a Personal Legacy for Descendants


Help yourself develop a healthier identity, build stronger relationships, and find ways to handle your life's transitions.

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I have worked as a therapist for eighteen years, the first four years in a community mental health clinic counseling adults for depression, anxiety, chemical dependency and anger management. During the last fourteen years, I have been working in private practice as a licensed psychologist seeing individuals, couples, families and facilitating men's therapy groups.

Prior to my work as a therapist and psychologist, I worked in the business world in retail sales management, wholesale marketing, purchasing and company ownership. These life experiences enhance my ability to both understand and empathize with my clients in many of their day-to-day problems.

I have a special interest in men creating a legacy to leave to their children and grandchildren. This legacy is a personal expression of what a man wants his descendants to know about his life experiences, his wisdom gained and hopes for wellness and happiness in their lives. This aspect of my work with men allows them to frame their efforts at change in an unusually broad context and engenders the persistence necessary for success.